If you all thought that was strange, then this part of the history story of the Case For The Faces Of Mars, will surely make you wonder & see that there is indeed more to Hoagland than meets the EYE!! (Pun Intended)...

In fact, if anything what you will all see of learn of now, you may tend to think that what you just seen & learned of SPEC7, may be connected to what we are going to see & learn about now.

Because SPEC7 wrote:

"(this is purely imaginary, we do not have a fleet of ships which DO NOT use chemical propulsion,..."

"...We do not have a significant MILITARY presence underground on MARS TODAY,..."

."..Also today we do not have a shortage of budget or manpower to fight the war in IRAQ..."

"...and we certainly DO NOT spend trillions of dollars in BLACK OPS money discovering the ancient technology and treasures of MARS!"

Because the implications of SPEC7, of things he stated to us all at Enterprise Mission Conference in August 2006, it was obvious he was part of a SECRET SPACE PROGRAM that is currently (so was implicated) underground on Mars today. Which SPEC7 being part of a force with which as he stated, that 'THEY' are "With no shortage of manpower or funds (that at that time), to be able to fight the war in Iraq!" These implications cannot just be ignored, like Hoagland ignores this case for the Faces Of Mars images & UFO Diaries. I was convinced what I was seeing at least if I considered believing it, (which I do...) This was in fact DISCLOSURE!

Especially when there seems to be yet another source out there also in this world, (on the internet), that connects to Hoagland yet again! Which coincidentally now mind you, also attributing & literally claiming to be apart of THE SECRET SPACE PROGRAM, that in the open at least, calls itself by another name in the Blogosphere, to attribute to that SECRET SPACE PROGRAM,... Being called UNIT SWORD!

This is going to be lengthy, as I must include where the investigation led me into trying to find out more about UFO Diaries, the secret faces of Mars images, & also Hoagland's connections to 'THEM'..., The Faces Of Mars images, & 'THOSE BEHIND THE PROGRAM'!

I will admit right now all your going to see & consider is downright inside the Twilight Zone!

Strange things... Such strange things going on, being said, being connecting, & opening dimensions of possibilities in which when considering all these various pieces of the puzzle to this case to consider, you start to really wonder what it all this is, that is trying to be told & shown. But after consideration of all these Bizarre things, it is obvious that something is going on!

Then a question may arise in your mind, if this is so, then HOW,... IS THIS GOING ON,... HOW IS THIS BEING ANYTHING AT ALL?

Because to SEE something, especially when connecting things apply, is to acknowledge that it really is SOMETHING! Because as you all will SEE, there indeed is SOMETHING HERE! SOMETHING TO ALL THIS that connects to my investigation into UFO Diaries, These Secret Faces Of Mars, & also my trying to find out Hoagland's connections to THEM (as previously stated about).

This is all important & pertinent to show that not only a code exists, that is telling SECRET HISTORY, but it also alludes to predicting events of the present, as well as the future! But what we are going to be looking at here, is things from the past. Implicating & connecting things to the past writings of 'SWORD' from 2006.

As I said this is going to be a really weird story. But a story of facts to show the connections to my case & investigation, that has led me to SEE those SWORD blog writings (some of the OLD SWORD writings) as being somehow connected to my investigation, as well as connecting to THE CODE I discovered inside UFO Diaries.

But I am jumping ahead. To start this story, I must tell you all that it was not until late 2007 time frame, that I became aware of the SWORD blogs. I was already a year into investigating UFO Diaries, as that started when I brought this subject forth to Hoagland's attention in June 2006.

A fellow Mars researcher associate & friend of mine, BOB WILLIAMS, (of commonsensecentral.com) in 2007 sometime, called me on the phone as we spoke now & then that way. But this instance was interesting. As Bob wanted to speak to me about a blog he has been frequenting over the past year or so, & at that time, he said he thinks I should check it out. He told me he thought I would find it interesting, as knowing my efforts at that time, to get answers for UFO Diaries & Hoaglands connections to them. I am guessing it was because of things I have been stating publicly about it at that time, in trying to solve these riddles inside this code of UFO Diaries.

This was before Hoagland & I had the falling out over this all, & believe it or not, this SWORD Blog was one of the issues to our falling out as well. So Bob was telling me he thought I may see something of interest possibly to my case I was investigating of UFO Diaries & my research for those secret Faces Of Mars.

In fact he said there may be connections I can make. So of course he caught my interest. But instead of telling me about that Blog or any details, he simply told me to Go read It!

He sent me a link in an E-mail, to a Blog page that was titled:



Once I followed Bob Williams instructions, to GO READ IT, I did,... & I was amazed! (YOU ALL GO READ THAT NOW!)

I was surprised, shocked & awed at the things I was seeing inside that Blog. I also want to point out that this Blog piece by SWORD was placed up May 28th, 2006.

A couple days before I was to release the surprise of UFO DIARIES to Enterprise Mission & the public, on June 1st, 2006.

This is important, as to the TIMING of this blog & the TIMING of my coming to Enterprise Mission with this video, which to me, I see it cannot be a coincidence! Especially after I read not only the Blog article, but also it's many interesting & connecting message posts inside that Blog that details further information of the story SWORD was telling in that Blog & also messages by posters that frequent or know of this SWORD guy who tells an amazing Tale! Of 2 Captains no less! LOL!

Because what I can clearly see inside his writings & TALE, is that Richard Hoagland is Captain Of The Enterprise Mission, & yet, he is more than he appears to be on the surface to us all. This SWORD guy shows clearly that fact Hoagland has 2 sides! Or... 2 FACES! LOL! (How true!) I also can plainly SEE that is also a point that this SWORD guy was trying to make known.

But did you all read all that Blog story?? WOW!!! WTF?! What a TALE indeed! But a TALE I BELIEVE!

A Tale I SEE is connecting to things I see in my investigations that in fact adds support to what I was discovering in my case & investigation. If my case & investigation was NOTHING, with nothing to see or learn, let alone connect, then how was connections being seen in consistency with what I was doing & seeing at that time in 2007, & what was already written a year previous by this SWORD guy?

If this all was nothing how there then can any connections at all be made, to something that is nothing?

As I stated, I read this SWORD blog when it was almost a year into my investigation, 2007. Yet again, when SWORD published this blog page, it was only a couple days before I posted to the attentions of Enterprise Mission & Hoagland, of the UFO Diaries & these faces images in June 2006! This fact must not be forgotten! As you will see reasons why.

What a tale indeed! Bob Williams was right! I would have wanted to read it. But I ask Bob... 'WHY WAIT A YEAR BOB, BEFORE SHOWING ME THIS BLOG OR IT'S IMPLICATIONS?' Well, he not answered me really about that. But I think I may know maybe why? We will look at that maybe why answer later.

Before I heard & seen anything about that SWORD Blog, I was already scrutinizing information I was trying to look into by means of the CODE OF CYDONIA, via UFO Diaries, & also The producers of UFO Diaries, as they also spoken to me also it seems, in code that connected to & even provided me more information for what I see of the code in UFO Diaries. To me that would make sense also, if there was a code I was seeing in UFO Diaries, then it would not be far fetched to see that the Producers would speak to me some in code as well, since they were the creators of UFO Diaries. The producers also wanted me to know that THEY (Lee Shackleford & Chuck Sellier), were 'THE WRITERS'!

I want to get into details of that time of some of the things I was seeing while studying the code from UFO Diaries, & things told to me by the producers, & making connections in all I was finding & seeing, that a tale also I was seemingly trying to be told & shown in code, regards to Hoagland.

Back then at that time, I was having information from the code of UFO Diaries, that I was able to glean information that Hoagland was a focus point of information trying to be given us about him. Calling him through this code, 'A MEMBER OF 'OUR' TEAM.

This 'TEAM' referred itself to as being a team of intelligence. Steering me to see that Hoagland was connected to this TEAM OF INTELLIGENCE as being A MEMBER OF OUR TEAM.

Yet at the same time, Hoagland was being attributed also as being called... NASA! To me as odd as this was, it was consistent because Hoagland was a NASA consultant & media person. So I thought to myself, this code may be something more after all. Because it yielded information that was accurate to also the identity finger pointed to & named... Richard Hoagland.

It was more interesting for me to see & believe this information, because Hoagland was also in that video. The subject focus of coded information, being connected to someone in that video. For months I was trying to look deeper inside this code, & see if I could find more information, or added connections of information, if any, to Hoagland.

To me, this was crucial because not only for the information I was gleaning, but also again, by the connecting coded information from my interviews of the Producers in what they said also that connected these things to Hoagland that I was finding, & then some!

Once I seen this much at least so far, I started to put my pieces together at that time, of this bizarre puzzle of coded information about Hoagland, these images, & Those behind the program. An interesting TALE was showing forth.

Hoagland is a Member of their TEAM, being called 'OUR TEAM'! A Team of Intelligence inside a Masonic Lodge. Cluing us all in on the information being given also that Hoagland is a Mason. He is apart of their TEAM OF INTELLIGENCE, IN A MASONIC LODGE!

Hoagland & NASA also in code as being attributed to us as being ONE IN THE SAME IDENTITY!

2 FACES of Richard Hoagland as it were.

The Producer Chuck Sellier stated in code to me also this FACT! Chuck Sellier told me regarding Richard Hoagland, & the Faces of Mars images: "WE GOT THEM FROM HOAGLAND,... WE GOT THEM FROM NASA,... AND THERE YOU ARE!!! I MEAN ONE OF 'HIM'S' GONNA SAY YEAH,... THOSE ARE... 'OURS'!!!

Now I know this is lengthy, but it is important for me to show you the facts so YOU can also SEE the connections I see in this information, & that information I gleaned from SWORD'S TALE OF 2 CAPTAINS Blog & messages. Because as I intend to show, they seem to be connected. If anything, by the LINGO itself in what was stated by SWORD, that directly connects to the information gleaned from The Code of UFO Diaries & the producers words. THAT in itself is a fascinating & also a very spooky scenario. But to find yet another outside source to connect to what I was seeing, doing & trying to figure out,...?

Then Bob Williams coming out of the blue as it were almost a year after SWORD posted this Blog & I had released this subject to Hoagland's attention was also weird to say the least.

But Bob could not have come to me about this at a perfectly better TIME, then when he did. Because to get added clarifications of information being told to me through how I was getting it, & putting it together, then I had all of a sudden, another source of pertinent information that connected to the things I was seeing & was being told, through that SWORD Blog was something that still boggles the mind. In timing, in chances, & odds of this coming to me at a time when I was ready to SEE it deeper than ANYONE ELSE AT THAT SWORD BLOG can SEE.

Unless maybe for Bob Williams. He is very important to this part of the CASE & investigation where it was now leading me. Down the Rabbit Hole as it were. The Twilight Zone yet again & only making things stranger & stranger.

But now here comes this SWORD Blog & comments by him that blew me away in things stated by him that also say similar things of what I was discovering through something else all together.

For instance, SWORD claims NASA sent Hoagland to them one day to one of their secret 'TEAM' meetings UNANNOUNCED. SWORD claims they are a secret BLACK OPS MILITARY group in which was put in use for bringing forth Public DISCLOSURE. NASA it seems sent forth Hoagland to 'THEM', to be a 'front man', for PROJECT DISCLOSURE.

Lo & behold once he got there to that MEETING of that SECRET TEAM, (this was in the 90's according to SWORD), it seems Hoaglanbd wound up with a .45 in his face, on hands & knees naked & pissing on the floor, while being threatened to be shot, or to skin him with knives.

This was done apparently, because NASA had sent him UNANNOUNCED to their secret TEAM meeting, & they had to find out who he really was. Once it was confirmed who Hoagland was & why he was there,... It was at that point (gunpoint) that he was made to become A MEMBER OF THEIR TEAM!

(That is putting it simply).


Now I wish to show you all some screen shots of some of the message posts from that Tale Of 2 Captains Blog. Some of the things stated inside these messages caught my attention & I will explain some of them. Now mind you, this is not saying that any connections I make to these SWORD comments is in any way is what he was trying to suggest or speak about.

I am merely seeing things I see & feel somehow connect, mainly because of the lingo used in his comments that made me see connections, to what I was trying to see & study into. But related or not, there are similarities of consistency of things I was seeing in code about Hoagland, that also seem to be applied here with this SWORD comments. Detailing certain facts that both The code of UFO Diaries shares, & certain facts SWORD shares.

For instance,... In one such message post to SWORD, on June 3rd, 2006 someone asks:

Here we have testimony from SWORD that NASA, sent Hoagland. Thus Hoagland at that time must have still been associated or still working for NASA! Because they sent Hoagland to 'THEM' unannounced one day for a private military project disclosure briefing.

Then what catches my eyes next is SWORD's comments stating that If Richard Hoagland fails to ACT, Then That's On Him. This is connecting information here that is similar to things I was seeing & discovering. Thanks again to the Producers Lee Shackleford & Chuck Sellier.

The connections are simple. Chuck Sellier stated they got the Faces of Mars images from Hoagland, & NASA, coding to us all that both are one in the same person. By saying that "WE GOT THEM FROM HOAGLAND,... WE GOT THEM FROM NASA,... AND THERE YOU ARE!!! I MEAN ONE OF 'HIM'S' GONNA SAY YEAH,... THOSE ARE... 'OURS'!!!

So we also learned from Lee Shackleford that Hoagland was supposed to perform a task in that UFO Diaries. To ACT! To play his part being seen in connection to those Faces images. But as Lee Shackleford stated, Hoagland NOT PERFORMED HIS TASK! TO ACT!

Because Lee stated what we see as that UFO Diaries Cydonia episode was not at all looking like as what was scripted for it to look like.

For instance, when I asked Lee Shackleford about the woman seen in UFO Diaries, that is holding one of these new Faces of Mars images, Lee stated that MRS. PATTERSON THERE,... HOLDING THAT IMAGE, CAME FROM DR. HOAGLAND'S BOOKS! (Of intelligence) THAT THE SCENE WE SEE, WAS SUPPOSED TO BE PLAYED & SPOKEN BY DR. HOAGLAND!


That is where The Producers words & claims, match to details seen in SWORD's comments about Hoagland that match! The NASA & Hoagland connections being imp-lied & applied, as well as the connections implied & applied again, of Hoagland being in a situation where he was having to PERFORM A TASK,... TO ACT! BUT FAILING TO DO SO,... THEN THAT'S ON HIM!? ( LOL! )

This also connects believe it or not, I feel to ME somehow. To me, I see connections of SWORD's comment there connecting to Lee Shackleford's words...



Hoagland fails to perform his ACT on UFO Diaries, so they invented a character who's guessing?! Trying to figure out this code story of secret information. So in connections when being applied, THEY are telling us that you all NOW see ME,... A CHARACTER,... WHO'S GUESSING,... Is Because of Hoagland's failure to PERFORM HIS TASK,... & ACT!

It is almost easy to see that when applied together in connection, we get a clearer picture of the information it yields, or possibly yields. I claim YES. That is why I include it. Anyone can say what they wish about this aspect to this case & investigation. I see it matters & to me, that is what counts. I show you all this to hopefully be able to help you see these connections as well, & how much coincidence can there be, before people see it all cannot be coincidence? (Spooky shit indeed... But you aint seen nuthin' yet.)

In another clue inspiring message post by SWORD, again in reply to TacoDog on June 3rd, 2006 :

To me this is incredible evidence for SWORD trying to connect to ME in what I was doing at that very time his reply was written. Plus it seems some prophetic overtones to SWORD's comment is applied as well?! It is also almost comical when looking at Taco Dog's legitimate question way back then, when NOW, in 2012, comparing it to what I believe SWORD was referencing about that If Reports Are True? Then Rich Owes To THE FACT, That YES, He Does Know More Than He Is Letting On!

I believe SWORD's statement there was a clue by SWORD at that time trying to tell people what was then at that very moment, going on at Enterprise Mission. Because that is where it was REPORTED of UFO DIARIES, 2 days earlier from his comment to TacoDog on June 3rd 2006. Especially also a day after Hoagland puts out his OFFICIAL reply about this to EVERYONE!

This was on June 2nd, 2006! As we can see from the Enterprise Mission conference center screen capture below of his reply. It also seems in SWORD's words that he is trying not only to clue people in on what was going on at Enterprise Mission at that time, but was also trying to answer in reply to Hoagland's comments to EVERYONE!

So when seen in that light, by connecting these things, we can see SWORD then in essence, is calling Hoagland a LIAR! That yes, Hoagland Does Know More Than He Is Letting On! Telling us all even back then that RICH OWES TO THE FACT, HE KNOWS MORE THAN HE IS LETTING ON!

So when SWORD says IF REPORTS ARE TRUE? He is in a sense, asking us all if those reports are true. By Hoagland! (LOL)

But he also alludes to ME also I think? Because I am the one that REPORTED it there at Enterprise to begin with, on June 1st, 2006!, As SWORD seemed to know & also see. If I am correct. I believe I am.

Yet this is not so simple. There is things connected to this that also boggles the mind. For instance, TIME! There is an issue here that concerns TIME, or even SEEING THROUGH TIME,.. OR EVEN TIME TRAVEL, that is connected through not only of what I was seeing & finding through what I was discovering this stuff. But through SWORD & his Blog statements also. Because the dates of this is what is very connecting & concerning to me in how this was in fact playing out.

Notice how SWORD says that Hoagland has been doing that with his web page for QUIET... Sometime?! I know many think he really meant to write the word 'quite'.

But in code, it looks prophetic. Especially from our standpoint in TIME now, in 2012. His words prove accurate as being prediction. WHY?

Because that was 2006, this is now 2012! His words came to be accurate because Hoagland's Been Doing That With His Web page, (Enterprise Mission), For 'QUIET' SOME TIME! Yes. Hoagland's web page has indeed been QUIET FOR SOME TIME (6 years) about these UFO DIARIES REPORTS, that If Reports Are True? Then Rich Owes To THE FACT, That YES, He Does Know More Than He Is Letting On! (LOL) SWORD also said... 'SOME TIME'. Maybe SOME TIME was needed to see this FACT? YES!


Remember all, I at that time June 2006, not knew or was even aware of that SWORD blog or any connections to Hoagland to a secret Military team or what not. I seen this a year later, in 2007.

BOB WILLIAMS is the one who again, recommended that I go there to read that Blog story in 2007! To then allow me to see & connect more to this Bizarre Puzzle of information being passed in code about Hoagland. From other sources. This was astounding & incredible! Should by all means also be impossible!

Yet here we are now after SOME TIME, Rich Owes To THE FACT, That YES, He Does Know More Than He Is Letting On! (LOL)

What a Ride this is, let me tell ya!