So now with knowing & seeing so much information into things we went over to detail this CONSPIRACY so far, we are well on our way to SEE the deceptions & also the truth twisting in the beginning stages of this investigation as seen in Hoagland's Enterprise Mission Conference BBS Forum OFFICIAL comments regarding this. It is obvious at this point.

But let's stay on track following the curve of how this was panning out in the beginnings of this investigation. The ORIGINS! Because it is important to see & show the things I have to show you for you to use your intelligence & follow the data to the path of being able to determine if Hoagland is innocent in all this, or Guilty!

Because the facts as presented & gone over so far, leave ample evidence of this already of his guilt. But if your not all still convinced? There is much more to go over to add to your notes & trying to see what all this is about & what is really going on here!

So Richard Hoagland from continuing on from the early days of this investigations birth, more dialog continued between Hoagland & myself through e-mails.

But just before this, another spooky scene unfolded before everyone's eyes & NO ONE NOTICED that anything was all but right with this all as it all unfolded. This is yet another part where you may wish to get pop corn & enjoy this weird spooky twist to this conspiracy. This one we will speak of now will NOT be the only one that may be spooky & entertaining to you, that also connects to this, or may connect to it?!

But anyway, it has already been two months since I had Chuck Sellier on The Martian Revelation Radio Show, which again was August 9th 2006, since the time I brought this subject up to Enterprise Publicly on June 1st 2006.

At that time all this was not processed of the implications & the seriousness of the investigation to take root. It was still beginning stages of the history to this investigation. One thing that stood out in August in 2006, toward the end of the month, whereas I had Chuck Sellier on at the beginning of the month, a strange comment came up being posted to my topic thread at Enterprise Mission Conference (which these are screen captured evidence of).

This particular one however one day, was very odd, & it spooked me then when I seen it!

On August 24th, at 12:56 PM, a message was posted to the thread. The name of the person who posted this amazing weird code hinting message was Spec7sramSL3CL5.

I say coded messages because he was there hinting & cluing & also tit for tatting with Hoagland. But I am jumping ahead again, let us see his 1st initial anomalous message:

Now before we get into what is said, by Spec7sramSL3CL5 we must notice an anomaly in his message posting. It is a clue also. Why? Because notice that in all posts made by myself, or Hoagland, or anyone else, that in the top left corner of each poster's message post, there is information of that message poster posting the message. OK, makes sense right? Now notice it gives the name of the poster. Then underneath the name of the poster, it clarifies that poster as being a member, or guest, or what not. Underneath that you see a REGISTERED date in all the posters info notes. It will normally give you the date of month when a poster registered with the Enterprise Mission Conference in which a poster is not being able to post anything, if they had not become members. OK, that makes sense also right? OK!

NOTICE SPEC7's REGISTRATION DATE?? This is exactly how it looks:

Registered: Not Yet

Now that in itself is very strange. NOT YET?? WTF??? This is I am seeing, especially Now looking back at all this, that was a CODE ALSO! (Because at the time of that Posting it was as if the 'Message Poster' was alluding to something which NOT YET REGISTERED to us at all in what that meant!)

Because when we look into Spec7sramSL3CL5 comments, we can clearly SEE a coded message trying to be passed along in more than one way, & hinting at things to come & hinting also that this Investigation was connected to his presence being there in saying the things he did in those comments! This is the weird & sometimes spooky part!

So under the Registered area info, we see LOCATION: Where it shows us nothing of the posters location info.

Then under that we see POSTS: Where we see a Not Available symbol.

Meaning this person was NOT registered in that forum to post those comments is what I see & assumed!

That person thus also had NO other posts in that forum beforehand is for certain, according to the posters info stats we just went over.

OK. Time to get into the things he said. This is all very important to this CONSPIRACY Of Hoagland & These Faces Of Mars. Although it all comes from the Twilight Zone!

So This new UN-REGISTERED poster named Spec7sramSL3CL5 comes into The Enterprise Mission August 24th 2006, & says:

NOT unusual

Why should it be unusual to find MANY faces and artifacts on a planet/former moon, on which for untold generations an advanced civilization thrived?

Owing to the probability that part of the planet/moon was covered by water there should be regions where there are no constructs.

Also owing to the probability that an entire side of the planet(moon was devastated by heavy bombardment, both by asteroids (parts of former mother planet) and by weaponry.

In spite of the vast areas of destruction some intact artifacts have survived. However some have sustained MAJOR DAMAGE and all that is left is a small part of their former glory.

On the face of it (Mars) are still many wonders yet to be discovered.

(But hardly anyone discusses the treasures underground)


Very interesting to say the least, don't you all agree? I mean look at all he spoken, for someone that just happens to pop out of no where, posts this important information to us all, it sure as all looks like he is passing some INTELLIGENCE to us all himself! I mean WHO WAS THIS GUY?

He spoken with things that sounded confident in things he said, & spoken as if from a position of actually knowing what he is talking about. Yet trying also to clue us all in to his meanings, & I know I am right about him passing INTELLIGENCE information that SOMEONE wanted us to see despite that person NOT being Registered to post in that forum!!

Let's see another post by him, this time his reply to me from the same day, welcoming him there to Enterprise, & showing my curiosity to know the meaning of his strange name.

It will surprise you the things he said!


He immediately addresses my question to him about his odd name. His explanations scream INTELLIGENCE, & even being in admittance in his coded words about him being part of a secret space program. Remember also, that this was long before Hoagland & Mike Bara's book Dark Mission was even being written.

So Spec7sramSL3CL5 writes:

spec7 = Military Specialist Level/rank7

sram = MARS spelled backward = post location

SL3 = Subsurface Level 3

CL5 = Security Clearance 5

This is incredible! Notice his name is indeed INTELLIGENCE! His name is in fact a description of what & who he really is! What is also funny & yet connecting, is the fact in the Registered Infoz of the spec7 messages, the 'Location & Posts' is N/A!

Now, we have connection to what THE ENTERPRISE MISSION PEOPLE 'NOT REGISTERED YET' back then, this guys 'Location Post',... WAS MARS!!!!

I thought in what I seen of spec7, I was convinced he was someone non registered with Enterprise, yet somehow was able to come in to be able to post some messages, from his Post Location,... On MARS!

He codes a confirming scenario, by which we must use our imagination to SEE his meanings!

Because he next writes:

"(this is purely imaginary, we do not have a fleet of ships which DO NOT use chemical propulsion,..."

<Mad Martian>: He wants us to imagine the things AHEM, THEY DO NOT have?! LOL! He would maybe be breaking his oaths of he told us outright? So he coded it to us by telling us to use our imagination to SEE his disclosures in his words?! So I assume he is telling us 'THEY' have a fleet of ships that DO NOT use chemical propulsion. That is very telling what we are to imagine he is wanting us to SEE! It speaks volumes for itself.

So he continues on to say: "...We do not have a significant MILITARY presence underground on MARS TODAY,..."

<Mad Martian>: It is also obvious he wants us to imagine that THEY Have a significant MILITARY presence underground on MARS TODAY! This is also very telling & implicating of the INTELLIGENCE spec7 is wanting us to SEE in his words. He is someone coming into Enterprise Conference to leave messages without being a registered member, being able at leaving messages there to us all, from his Post Location on Mars. Sorry from his Post Location UNDERGROUND ON MARS, which is at Subsurface Level 3, & he has a Security Clearance of 5!? Whereas he is trying to tell us all that he is part of a significant MILITARY presence underground on MARS TODAY?! Pretty implicating & full of disclosures!

Let's see what he says next:

"...and we certainly DO NOT spend trillions of dollars in BLACK OPS money discovering the ancient technology and treasures of MARS!")

<Mad Martian>: So as we are imagining the disclosures of INTELLIGENCE information being passed onto us all by spec7, it is obvious he is indeed wanting us all to SEE that he is part of a significant MILITARY presence underground MARS TODAY, who are spending trillions of dollars in BLACK OPS money for them discovering the ancient technology & treasures, of MARS! Talk about a whistle blower! Spec7 is it!

It is also amazing at what he says next that is kind of ominous & telling of who & what he is apart of.

He says:

(also today we do not have a shortage of budget or manpower to fight the war in IRAQ)

<Mad Martian>: He is trying to tell us this significant MILITARY presence underground MARS TODAY, has no shortage of budget, or shortage of manpower to fight the war in IRAQ?! This is amazing disclosure information of INTELLIGENCE!

THEY have MORE fundings & MORE manpower with no shortages of either, than we have to fight the war, in IRAQ! This is a pretty sizable BLACK OPS secret MILITARY presence underground MARS TODAY we were trying to be told INTELLIGENCE about! This was again, back in August of 2006!!

But this not ends here with spec7's message. As he continues to write:

This all is so very implicating! Not also to mention a little spooky at the same time. Yet so very interesting. He gives even more coded INTELLIGENCE information to us. So he continued to answer in reply to me saying:

"Thanks for the welcome. There is FAR MORE beneath the surface of MARS than is revealed on the surface. A basic survival scenario is to DIG IN."

<Mad Martian>: I can swear not only is he being direct to us openly with that comment of being information of INTELLIGENCE, from his standpoint in knowing & giving us this information, but I can swear I SEE him also coding & referencing to the UFO DIARIES Cydonia episode.

WHY? Because that video is also called... MARS! Hinting to me & all of us that what I brought forth, although having things seen revealed on that surface, of that video, thus the FACES OF MARS secret images, he is trying to hint to us all that there is FAR MORE beneath the surface of that video as well, to be revealed!

Then he tells us a Basic Survival Scenario, Is To DIG IN?! Hmmmm. It seems he is hinting to us all of something he wants to try to warn or prepare us all for? Because he seems to want to give us all a BASIC SURVIVAL SCENARIO?! By telling us all,... To DIG IN?! Very implicating & I see he maybe trying to give us all a warning? To DIG IN is what we must do for a BASIC Survival Scenario?!

Yet at the same time, he can be cluing us all in on the UFO DIARIES Mars episode, telling us that FAR MORE is underneath that surface to be revealed, in code, telling us all that to survive, one must DIG IN to that code underneath the surface to SEE the things underground that surface, to DIG UP the TREASURES UNDERGROUND, as he alluded to in his 1st message post?

Because maybe to survive this in trying to reveal what is seen above ground (the faces images), he is telling us that a basic survival scenario exists within that coded treasures underground, that will help us to survive in revealing these treasures that we see above ground, & maybe even to reveal the treasures seen underground as well?!

I mean ALL these 'scenarios' of ideas may be ALL TRUE & CONNECTING! Either way, I still see a warning being given to us. To be told to DIG IN! As a survival scenario?! Something is coming & to survive, we have to DIG IN! In the literal sense! He is knowing something & cluing us all in on to what that something is, yet is not so clear what that is. But serious it is I can clearly SEE & even FEEL!

I was inspired & DETERMINED because of spec7 to DIG IN as in many ways as I possibly can as I SEE the things he is referencing, & things I am still trying to SEE more clearly of.

BUT, spec7 then goes on to give us more details of HIS information of INTELLIGENCE he wanted to give us all in his coded messages.

He then says,..: (Also there is no 'hollow planets' theory that is viable, just ignore it, move along, nothing to see here, just crazy theories, put your blinders back on, dig into the ice cream & TV & designer drugs & alcohol)

Then for more of his cryptic message he writes:

"The powers that be do not want you to know, do not want you to go.

"They want to keep us all fat, dumb, & happy watching TV, stuffing our face & doing whatever keeps us drugged out.

"It's about POWER & CONTROL, the HAVES & the have nots.

"It's a game of deception & lies.

"Playing off one nation against another.

"One Race against another.

"One religion against another.

"Wars & rumors of wars.

"Power & control.

"A great deal is known by the powers that be that in their minds is ABOVE MOST SECRET.

"They have the power, & they DO NOT WANT YOU TO EVER KNOW."

<Mad Martian>: It seems I was right about what I was seeing & feeling in spec7's words as being a warning being given to us, to dig in as a survival procedure, because of the things he describes as is being warned to us all about that is coming upon us all?

Alluding that the Powers That Be know what this is about, telling us that they not want us to know, or to GO?

I am figuring he means us knowing about Mars & what is really going on there, & THEY not want us to GO to Mars?!

It implicates also that possibly these powers that be are the initiators of the things described as is going to come upon us, that we need to DIG IN as a survival procedure? Pretty implicating & spooky between the lines. Isn't it?

But you all may be wondering the relevance to me putting these comments into this study? Because Hoagland connected to this guy & the things said by him that is why! Because once again, Hoagland's words are pretty implicating that he is knowing what this is all about, although all else had no clue what was going on in these messages in that topic thread. So on September 1st, 2006, a week after Spec7 left these messages, Hoagland comments about spec7 & his cryptic comments.

Yet Hoagland's reply seems to be just as cryptic!

Let's look into what Hoagland's reply was to spec7. Hoagland writes:

"I think Spec7sramSL3CL5 has an extremely fine tuned sense of humor... about some of the most serious aspects of our existence on this planet. (Hoagland puts a smiley face)

"As he says, "they" may not want us to know about many, many things. But, as many have seen develop here.... "things" have a way of "leaking out."

"How else would we ALL be here, discussing this... at "Enterprise?" (Hoagland puts another smiley face)

"Another critical detail: Our opposition is no longer monolithic.

"There is an increasingly visible "war" going on "inside"... which is revealing many aspects of what our friend was carefully alluding to.

"This will accelerate... as we get ever closer to that "magic" date of-- 2012. Stay Tuned."

<Mad Martian>: Now I find this incredible & also implicating, & I swear I can see a tit for tat going on between Hoagland & Spec7!

The 1st thing I noticed is that Hoagland not addressed the peculiars to spec7 & his message posts. Like the not registered aspect, as a couple people after spec7 wrote these comments, did bring it up that they wondered why he has no registration info, as all else had. That was as far as peoples curiosities went. But I was happy to see someone saying that & obviously was wondering about it, but not long enough! Either way Hoagland not addressed the issue. Because a few were thinking he hacked his way in & posted. Yet wouldn't then Hoagland have deleted spec7's post? Yet instead, he replies to him a week later?

Something is going on here I can clearly see. Not sure about any of you, but I still get the willies up my spine when I see this. This also is a mystery connected to this case that needs investigation & answers!

But let's see what Hoagland says here more closely. Because Hoagland seems to be alluding also that spec7 was right in things he said, & gives the impression that Hoagland seems to know what this is all about. Yet again, NO ONE asks or comments to any of these messages! WHY???

Like notice where Hoagland said...

"As he says, "they" may not want us to know about many, many things. But, as many have seen develop here.... "things" have a way of "leaking out."

So Hoagland agrees that THEY not want us to know about many things! BUT, as many have seen develop there, at Enterprise, in that topic thread,... THINGS, HAVE A WAY OF LEAKING OUT? Yes, I can see that in Spec7's comments, & also by the information given & leaked of this subject & issues. As again, this is almost a month after I had Chuck Sellier on the Martian Revelation radio Show. Where we were leaked much information, about those faces, & about Hoagland. It seems Hoagland is addressing the fact, that in that thread where this all went down, THINGS WERE BEING LEAKED! Of what? Information of INTELLIGENCE!

Things obviously Hoagland NOT wants us to know! Because the information leaked to us all, was info about Hoagland that he not wanted to let us know about himself or his connections to those images or to UFO Diaries, or to Those behind The Program! But notice also he seems to be mocking Spec7? When Hoagland says...

"How else would we ALL be here, discussing this... at "Enterprise?"

Something is telling me in Hoaglands words here that he was NOT surprised this was being discussed there at Enterprise! Yet he stressed ALL in all caps! Alluding that ALL NOT merely meant those posting registered members.... But alluding to someone else, as being part of the "ALL"?!

Then see what he says next:

"Another critical detail: Our opposition is no longer monolithic. "

It seems Hoagland is trying to point out a critical detail about why or how this information was leaking out there at Enterprise? Saying that OUR OPPOSITION, IS NO LONGER MONOLITHIC?

Hoagland was alluding that some of the 'ALL' in there discussing this, was apart of the OPPOSITION of whoever Hoagland is alluding to that not wants us to know this information, yet it was being leaked out in Enterprise, & Hoagland was basically saying that the opposition that NOT wants us to know, are NO LONGER MONOLITHIC?


Because of the leaked information of intelligence we were "ALL" discussing there at Enterprise that was coming forth from the investigation into UFO Diaries & these secret faces images from Mars?

Thus in a sense, Hoagland was then poking the eye of 'the Opposition', in trying to tell us all & them, that THEY ARE MONOLITHIC?

Maybe Hoagland was meaning THEY are or were,... A huge structure of power? But are NOT anymore, because of these Leaks being discussed in Enterprise of this case of the Faces of Mars? Because that is where all this was taking place, or being discussed in. ;-)

Then what Hoagland says next, is equally confirming to my mind set as I am laying out in all this, as well as confirming this code!

WHY? Hoagland says...

"There is an increasingly visible "war" going on "inside"... which is revealing many aspects of what our friend was carefully alluding to. This will accelerate... as we get ever closer to that "magic" date of-- 2012. Stay Tuned."

WTF?? Do you see what I mean? Hoagland now confirms, in this light, that There Is An Increasingly Visible War Going On! Where? ON THE INSIDE! Of What? Well, Enterprise Mission for one! Where they 'ALL' were at discussing this. LOL! Yet it hints to us of the other aspects spec7 was carefully alluding to! Hoagland noticed spec7 was being CAREFUL in his alluding to us the info he did? Yet also what was spec7 alluding to? UNDERGROUND! BLACK OPS! Secret Military forces on earth, & OBVIOUSLY on Mars UNDERGROUND! That spec7 told outright, he was POSTED AT THAT LOCATION!

So this war to me, as I was able to see into what I did enough to say in the least, it seems spec7 & Hoagland are NOT friends? Yet they both allude to knowing the things said & seem to be familiar with each other. Because if so, this also implicates alot, like what then does Hoagland really KNOW about this information, & about spec7?

WHY has Hoagland not told us all any of this stuffs, but tits for tats with spec7 as if Hoagland is mocking him from also a stand point of a position in knowing? Because I see a visible war going on between spec7 & Hoagland! That apparently only Hoagland & Spec7 seem to be the only ones at Enterprise that knew this war was taking place.

This confirms my mind set as Spec7 replies with this:

INCREDIBLE!! Spec7 replies hours later to Hoagland, sounding angry,... And says...

"Yes .... Accelerate they shall.

"In the same way the fifth planet was destroyed & Mars was laid to waste, a mere vestige of her former glory."

It seems spec7, being on Mars underground & all apart of a secret BLACK OPS army, is warning us of impending troubles for our planet? That also includes a scenario in which involves what happened to the fifth planet? Thus the earth shall soon be? The Powers that be know about this as well? That THEY are at Mars & not want us to know, nor want us to go where they are?

Pretty implicating this war on the inside is. SOMEONE WANTS US TO SEE & KNOW SOME THINGS! I am certain of that. What do YOU think? Maybe there is a war going on the inside of Mars? Or maybe a war going on the inside of this structure of power being called THEY are monolithic? Sorry, NO LONGER MONOLITHIC? (As Hoagland said about THEM.) Because I ask myself who is spec7 really?

If he is being who he claims to be, then maybe he is telling us because he is part of the war on the inside that wants us to get this information? For us all to know? One side of this power structure Monolith that wants this information known, & the other side that does not want it known?

What side is Hoagland on then? I think that answer is easy at this point, in looking back as it is NOW 2012,... THAT MAGIC YEAR!

If spec7 works for those powers that be, which obviously he must from his position in knowing,... Yet he came to Enterprise to deliver these messages! THINK about that also!