We will get to see & learn of Mike Vara of Late Night In The Midlands Radio Show, who also is pursuing this case with Richard Hoagland. But jumping far ahead now.

So back to the point of all this, apparently is the facts as I laid out to you all which you all can see. I can surely say more about those commentings later to go in detail. But I want to lay out the basic groundwork to lead you all into seeing this case as simply as possible because what this is all apart of is so much more & it is NOT all coincidence! But to simply put things for now, I must show you by laying out the specifics to this case that goes back to those Hoagland Enterprise Mission OFFICIAL quotes regards to INVESTIGATING CYDONIA! A Secret Space Program (mind you), The UFO Diaries Video Documentary Program, of MARS!

Hoagland even admits (as we have seen in his comments to 'everyone') to being on so many TV shows over the years of 'CYDONIA'! I can see that. I also can see now, that they were mostly done by the same producers that you not remembered the UFO Diaries Episode you were in, Nor remembered who the 'PRODUCERS' were, Nor you Richard NOT knowing how to contact them NOW, certainly after all this time?

Well this is where CREDIBILITY now comes into play! Credibility regards to Richard Hoagland & his comments OFFICIALLY... TO EVERYONE! With regards to him not knowing who the PRODUCERS were! Because as I said, I did the Serious Legwork to get him that information.


So when Hoagland says He Has Done A Bit Of Research Into What Series This was That he was Apart Of,... He NOT came to the obvious conclusion of the answer he sought by simply watching that video? That clearly shows again, the Executive Producers name?



Hoagland cannot be believed for what he says He Did A Bit Of Research Into This SERIES! Not also telling us what the bit of research is. Yet also, he NOT even told us all what it was that he had found out! I mean come on, you all must be able to see the problems here so far? If not I will help you! Because I had help to LEARN TO SEE THIS!!


Which brings us all to focus in now on Hoagland's comments of June 2nd, the same day he OFFICIALLY SAID TO... 'EVERYONE',... He then next says this all to me also the same day, as seen in the image below....

Now this is a hoot! Hoagland was addressing my reply to someone else saying something to me about these images possibly being Photoshopped & therefore fakes. So I told that person I did NOT Fake them! It seems to me there was an obvious reluctance to really look into these images & that video by those at Enterprise Mission Conference BBS back then. But to me it seems as to the reason why. I figured someone was speaking to each other about this topic I created behind the scenes. Too many who would speak, were all to much on the same page.

To me this was wrong because I obviously see plenty reasons for looking deep into those Faces images. I seen nothing as hard evidence to play into their idea these were fakes & NOT demand investigation into them. I am sure many see this makes sense! So I knew something was up.

So Lo & behold, Richard Hoagland comes out to address me to my comment to someone about me faking them (so I thought he was implying) & says GARY, NO ONE WAS ACCUSING YOU OF 'USING PHOTOSHOP' ON THIS!! IT'S A SIMPLE 'FRAME GRAB' FROM THE VIDEO, RIGHT? (Yes Hoagland, this is obvious.)

He continues to say now...


Hmmmm, again he says SERIES! A SERIES, with an Original? Maybe he is having memory flashes of trying to figure out what to say to us about UFO Diaries? But notice the main objective,... To ACCUSE NOW,.. THE PRODUCERS??? OF FALSIFICATION OF THESE IMAGES?

Huh? What? Yet how can Hoagland really say this, if he NOT even remembers who THE PRODUCERS were? To me this smelled foul! Because notice what he says next, as he details a lengthy process how these images can be faked.


Yes Hoagland failed us all & himself there that day! For how can he say this & NOT do anything to show us all he was working to get us information into this video, that he is seen in that video, as these faces of Mars images are also being seen. So why did he fail us? Well, this goes onto show his mind working to plot against this topic & subject taking off! In my opinion, he was trying to squash it! As I intend to show you all my reasoning to suggest these facts! With EVIDENCE!

So after the process Hoagland described as a workable theory for answering for these images WITHOUT INVESTIGATION INTO THEM 1ST, was NOT going to satisfy MY need to know these answers! If HE not wants to do it, for some reason, or another, why play act & suggest SOMEONE ELSE DO THE SERIOUS LEGWORK?

Encouraging investigation, yet seems to be full of excuses about it all & lack of memories. But notice what he says after he described the process of faking, he says...



What a statement. It also to me sounds like a RIDDLE!

If we're SERIOUS,... OF COURSE???...

Hmmmm.. But of COURSE!


Hmmmmm. Hoagland in all his words & all his actions in comments on these postings seems to me he is giving us CLUES? I know, it sounds crazy right? But I am telling you all & HIM that I SEE something!

But to keep on subject, Well, this is where his accusations to THE PRODUCERS as being false in all this, without an OFFICIAL investigation into these images, let alone NOT even speak to the producers because he has no memory of them, has Hoagland being looking as being GUILTY, by making excuses, lying, & trying to sweep this case under the rug that HE encouraged investigation to begin with! Yet obviously he not wanted the discussion to go far at all.

It is THE PRODUCERS THEMSELVES, THAT SHOW HOAGLAND WAS LYING! Plus also connections to a NASA ORIGINAL that may shock some of you of what & WHO that really means! Connecting to my theory that Hoagland was indeed giving us all a HINT!


So I will explain back on track. So I got Hoagland what he wanted. Information to NOT only ONE, but TWO of the main people Involved with the production of Cydonia! Remember which is Hoagland's Secret Space Program, Called UFO DIARIES!

A Secret Space Program,... On The PLANET MARS! In a Region Designated... AS CYDONIA!

So the 2 main people involved with the production of UFO DIARIES: CYDONIA, was Chuck Sellier, & also the amazing screenwriter,...


His help was given to me also in trying to help me to SEE the information trying to be told within all they said to me regards to this case. They helped me to SEE alot & without their information, this case may not have had a chance of ever coming to light for you all to see & judge for yourselves.

Anyway, an investigation was started into these Old Yet New Image Data showing Other Faces of Mars images the public has never seen before. Also as seen earlier, it was Hoagland that encouraged this investigation, literally calling for SOMEONE ELSE, TO DO THE SERIOUS LEGWORK!

So I got him the Names, E-mail & Phone Infoz for Lee Eric Shackleford 1st, then almost a month later I got Chuck Selliers Infoz to Hoagland. Being a Radio Show Host has it's advantages to get in touch with People.

I appreciated all my guests, but I really appreciated Lee & Chuck being guests to my show, & all in that they said to me! These 2 guys are the reason why we are all here. Because as I said, I given Hoagland the information he requested, & he NOT did anything to let me know if he contacted them, or any progress on his INVESTIGATION INTO THAT SERIES & IMAGES!

So I decided to go around Hoagland, as he would & should be OK with me doing I figured, because he did say SOMEONE ELSE DO THE SERIOUS LEGWORK! Being that I had also a Radio Show it was a no brainer to see what needed to be done. So I went out & offered these GENTLEMEN, spots of the Martian Revelation Radio Show to speak to me about this, upon their convenience.

I had 1st Lee Eric Shackleford on the show on July 7th 2006.

He said many things that also implicate & also clarify things as what went on during that shoot of the Host set of Cydonia, in which Lee also speaks of things being done, to create a CODE! As well as mentioning in detail Dr. Hoagland's part in the reasons things turned out as they did!

Chuck Sellier was on the show on August 9th 2006.

I want to show right at the get go, the EVIDENCE from Chuck Sellier in an E-mail to me as a reply to my E-mail to him, in August of 2006. Mr. Sellier gives us damning TESTIMONY!

(NOTE: Of course I had kept this E-mail secret from Hoagland at that time. I was in shock myself to be honest, & I thought it best to proceed forth without this E-mail reply from Mr. Sellier to come to Hoagland's attention. Or anyone else's at that time!

But I did let Richard Hoagland know that I had gotten Chuck Sellier on for being a guest on the show. Here is Hoagland's reply to that. (Remember this was in August in 2006. Two months since I brought this to Hoagland's attention Publicly! As that was in June 2006!)

Instead of posting many clips here to HEAR, I have compiled audio clips from my interviews of Chuck Sellier & Lee Shackleford, & composited them together in a way that when after studying all they said to me, their own words can be used to put the puzzle pieces together. Connecting bits of information, that details some very implicating things....

I made them as composites also using things Hoagland has stated over the years, because you will SEE it all connects. I was right Hoagland was trying to clue & Hint to us about THE NASA ORIGINAL, IF WE'RE SERIOUS, WE WILL FIND!

So you all can also learn to SEE & Get The Jist Out Of What Was Meant To Be Seen In The Script!

It is also what makes this CONSPIRACY OF RICHARD HOAGLAND have twists & turns & connections that are spooky, & in others, quite REVEALING of the information of Intelligence being passed through this CODE in UFO Diaries, & through the things spoken By Lee Shackleford & also Chuck Sellier which are like pieces to a puzzle to solve, that connects & confirms this twilight zone aspect to this story.

But you will get the jist of their words & statements that paints a picture (not a pretty picture) but a picture that makes all point to Richard Hoagland as someone really needing his memory refreshed, as regards to who the producers were, & how to contact them regarding those Face Of Mars mysterious pictures!

These clips in that picture painting will bring you the jist of what this is all about. There is still so much to go over. Even though the information provided by the Producers is critical & very important, there is still a few more things that need to be seen by you all 1st to show perspective to this all.

I will like to add that Richard Hoagland was invited & set up to be on with these guests when they were on, but he also never kept those appearances, where as I had to make excuses for Hoagland! So as you watch these video parts to get The Jist of what this is All about, maybe you can SEE that Hoagland was obviously avoiding this subject, the Producers, & my investigation like the plague!






So now you got to SEE the Jist of what this is all about, after listening to the PRODUCERS WORDS, & hearing them spell out the situation for us all, it seems obvious as to why Hoagland not appeared on the Martian Revelation Radio Show with them when opportunity was there, & given to Hoagland to also appear.

Hoagland was afraid of what he would FACE, (pun intended) when they were on, if Hoagland joined in as he was supposed to. By the things they stated, Hoagland would have had to defend himself against their amazing claims of the facts! On the air for all to hear!

Hoagland would have had to state on the air, that they were liars, therefore the Producers would have had chances to argue with him about it to help REFRESH Hoagland's memory.

Even though much more was given to you all by these videos to SEE THE JIST of all this in what it means, it shows well clear enough to provide answers to the questions risen regarding Hoagland's comments about this video, these images, his OFFICIAL COMMENTS TO EVERYONE, about this & be shown to be a LIAR!

It reveals his credibility issues in this all to the people who pay him, even to this day, thinking he is of the truth trying to bring you all the truth. Yet by the Producers own words, it clearly shows Hoagland has secrets! Secrets he not wants shared. Secret Images he has & he not wants to be made known about & has been hiding them for a very long time from all those that seek the truth. But WHY?

Hoagland has & provided those Secret Faces images to be seen on that UFO DIARIES. So why would he not wish to answer about them? Or why would he want to keep that secret? I agree with you all, it not makes any sense!

Yet we can clearly see in this LIGHT of the Producers, that Hoagland was making excuses, & avoiding doing anything to investigate what he encouraged SOMEONE ELSE TO DO THE SERIOUS LEGWORK to get him the info he needed to do that investigation.

It is obvious Hoagland had no intentions of investigating at all. It was a total of 3 months, not even, from when I brought this to His attention publicly via Enterprise Mission, that I had done the work to get him the producers info, contact them myself for him, & set up shows with them as guests to be on. I even had Hoagland that agreed & was supposed to be on with them! Yet each time, when their show days came, Hoagland had an excuse why he could not be on with them during those times. It is also obvious & clear again in this LIGHT, Hoagland remembers full well who the Producers were, because for sure, THEY REMEMBERED HIM!