RICHARD HOAGLAND. Man Of Mystery! 'CAPTAIN',... Of The Enterprise Mission. Very well known for his history of being involved regards to the 'Case For The Face Of Mars', by making presentations to the United Nations in 1993 & speaking at many other locations, Richard Hoagland over the years has been the focus point for people on looking for answers to what is on Mars that NASA is not telling you.

Hoagland also authored a book on the subject with a publishing of 5 editions updated over the years. This book was named THE MONUMENTS OF MARS: A CITY ON THE EDGE OF FOREVER!

Now with how he puts himself out there to be it is like he wants people to look to him for answers. This is because of his making himself to appear as a champion of the people, who fights for the truth & confronts NASA, & made himself the authority of the subject for which people look to him for. This appearance of him fighting NASA for the truth for you people however is an illusion! Just as his appearance of being an authority to this subject is an illusion also! As we will get into & see quite clearly!

Hoagland has made quite a following over the years & also made lots of money from that following. Again, because of his appearance as someone, an authority, fighting for & bringing you all the truth, with a good marketing skill & agenda.

But as this illusion has played over the years, it is in recent years that something so amazing & astoundingly implicating has arisen involving Richard Hoagland's connections to things of his past, that not only NASA wanted to be kept secret, but Hoagland also! Some secrets in which today in his future, is calling him out & making many others want to also know answers to the questions that recent years has arisen against Richard Hoagland involving him in a CONSPIRACY of which is HIS CONSPIRACY,... LITERALLY!

A Conspiracy For Him,.. About Him,... & one which now makes us all need to reflect back on who we all thought we knew & supported. But we are jumping ahead. As I said Richard Hoagland has been so outspoken over the years about CYDONIA, & The Face at Cydonia & other amazing features at Cydonia, that there is not anyplace at all in the world, for the most part, where people who heard of the Face of Mars they not also know of Richard Hoagland. WOW huh??

Amazing his work & career has been, regards to the Face On Mars! So it is not a hard thing to ponder or criticize negatively about if someone one day came to Hoagland & asked him about something, that HE was involved with & involved in, that one would think he would have no problem explaining. Then only to see him do something opposite of what you were hoping for.

Instead of peaking his interest or answering your questions about what he was involved with or seen in, he instead goes in the other direction of avoidance & making excuses & even insulting you, for asking him the question you wanted him to answer you about.

This such a description has indeed in reality happened between myself, Gary Leggiere, The Mars Revealer, host of the Martian Revelation Radio Show, & Richard Hoagland! This started publicly way back in June of 2006.

Regarding a video I have received anonymously with a burned CD disc inside the package that was mailed to me. No return address, nothing stating at all who sent it to me. Just written on the wrapper was I HOPE YOU SEE IT... Then In Bolder lettering I HOPE YOU SEE IT! The video is called UFO DIARIES. I thought to myself I never seen this video before or it's title.

It was very strange to say the least. So It was opened & played in my computer & amazingly to my surprise, I seen a new Face of Mars image the public has never seen before. This was within the 1st minute of the video starting!

I like to add here that This opening scene which has a CODE applied to it. A set of directions, a Map. It is also a mathmatical problem to see & to solve for us all to be directed to something that has caught my attention in this opening scene, without figuring out that riddle let alone seeing it!


The words of the script itself falls in tune with what we are being riddled & clued in with to see if we can use our intelligence, as the viewer, to SEE the INTELLIGENCE of this CODE & what it is we are trying to be pointed to SEE in this opening scene. To better understand what I am saying, let us look at the opening line comments as this scene unfolds.


This is a Riddle. This is a test! Plus a Map!

Well as I put the scene together as it is like being a puzzle, as the scene you see I had to copy & paste all together to see that scene to figure out the mathmatical riddle applied to this ARTIFACT, OF INTELLIGENCE! Where we are happened to being asked if,...



Lo & behold also during that video, I had seen a couple other NEW FACES OF MARS images also the public has never seen before,... ANYPLACE!

So as anyone can plainly see, there appear to be OTHER FACES OF MARS seen in images that show the Face at Cydonia is NOT alone. This raises an incredible problem & raises also many implications that stem from these images of what it really means & what we are trying to be told in seeing these images that also appear to be Viking Orbiter imagery.

Old Yet NEW Image data to be seen & found within a video documentary called UFO DIARIES. To any so called serious Mars researcher, or serious Mars Anomalists, these other Faces indeed demand investigation into them. The main reason is because the public has never seen them before this video! I say they are NOT available to the public because I seen & processed each & every single Viking Orbiter Image that NASA has publicly available through the Viking Orbiter Archive.

I did not see these images inside that NASA public archive, which indicates to me, that we are NOT getting to see all the image data from Viking Orbiter. This is not a hard jump to contemplate because the NASA Viking Orbiter Image Archive has many folders missing, many files missing, & images from within folders that appear to be missing.

This raises profound concerns that one cannot really ignore in this form of investigation to consider that what I say is the case. Thus considering that these other Faces images are secret images, that someone wanted us all to see in this video & no place else. Or surely we would have seen them someplace else before.

But again, we are jumping ahead. I think it is pertinent to place up the video in question that raises these Old Yet New Image Data up here to view for your convenience.


Now another important thing I noticed in that video, is the fact that Richard C. Hoagland is also seen playing a part in that video. This video was completed in 1993. But as we can see by the screen grab from the video below, as well as to those that just watched UFO DIARIES, we can clearly see Richard Hoagland in that video.

So it is not a big jump of reasoning as to why I would ask Richard Hoagland about this video & these faces. In fact, it should seem like the most logical idea one can have when trying to get info about this video. I mean a video he himself was in at least one third of that video no less.

So when I finally decided to take this disc off my shelf from where it sat for 3 years & put it up to the net & especially first at Enterprise Mission so that Hoagland can see it, I felt we were going to be on a hot new investigation that would get so much attention & a united hunt by many people, for these secret images showing Other faces Of Mars, seen in a video documentary. The expectations I had was logical, what was not logical however was Hoagland's response & attitude & actions toward this subject & to myself.

So it was at the beginning of June of 2006 that I posted about this video & it's faces in Enterprise Mission conference (pay to say) forum. I received this small simple reply from Hoagland:

(For note: For some reason, when I look back at Hoagland's small reply here I can swear he is hinting to me about the CODE ARTIFACT I found on Mars! The UFO DIARIES Secret Space Program, called CYDONIA. That CODE!)

Then a more detailed & lengthy reply was given by him later that same day.

It is here that made me begin wondering what Hoagland was really up to. Because this reply seemed to lack something of what I expected from him about these issues, SERIOUSNESS! His reply just looked so wrong to me & nothing like what I was expecting to see or happen regards to my posting about this. To me, it seemed as if Hoagland was not really wanting to answer anything about this & instead went making excuses about it instead. For instance having no memory who the producers were, certainly after all that time (13 years since filmed & brought to publics attention of that video). Also mentioning not knowing how he could get in touch with them now (2006)?

Hoagland then goes to throw every ones perceptions to the facts of these faces that they are possible photoshop fakes? This was not adding up to me. This not sounded like the Hoagland I knew. Hoagland asserting a possibility here of the images being fakes, without an INVESTIGATION into them 1st not seemed like Hoagland at all. It is NOT what he taught me to do in conducting investigations, or how science is done.

Then Hoagland asked something else so incredible, that is SOMEONE CAN DIG UP THE ACTUAL PRODUCERS NAME (as he was too swamped at the moment?), HE WILL TRY?,... TO CALL OR SEND AN E-MAIL TO THE PRODUCERS? Adding that SOMEONE ELSE, HAD TO DO THE SERIOUS LEGWORK for Him to make a move to show us he will investigate this?? I mean come on people! WHAT???

For instance what was so compelling that was making him too swamped at the present time back then, that he could NOT do anything more to investigate this video & it's secret faces? Yet Hoagland was wanting others to do the SERIOUS LEGWORK for him to get him to decide it was worth a phone call or an E-mail sent to the producers of that video, to get us any info about those faces images? Hoagland seemed not to really care about this video or these Faces of Mars. But hey, HOAGLAND IS THE FAMOUS FACE ON MARS GUY! It was & is his duty to Enterprise Mission & to all the people who look to him for the truth of what is on Mars to do his job & investigate this. To me, this was a no brainer! Yet you all can see Hoagland's words for yourselves!

For him not to be anxious about these Faces images & not sounding very interested to start investigation into them made me think that maybe he was embarrassed at the fact he was in that video & maybe he has not seen those images, & maybe not wanted to look like an ass for not noticing before? But in my mind set, then if that was the case, he would NOT have treated this subject as he done, if he was concerned with looking like an ass.

One would think he would be on top of the ball, being who he is to everyone & what he is famous for, one would think as I did, he would have & should have jumped on this case right away! But again, that was not the case. As we will see & learn.

Anyway I decided to not play on his excuses given on the record, at that point, & instead I went to Hoagland to ask of this woman, who is holding one of these new Faces of Mars images in her hands. For 2 days I was trying to ask him about this woman holding one of these faces.

He finally replied with a snippy snooty reply:

I am sure I not have to tell you by what we see here in his reply, that it looks like he is getting annoyed at me? Or angry about my questioning him about this? But look again at that reply. Tell me it not sounds like he is making more excuses of what he wants us to think & believe what we are seeing?

Also notice in his reply new information being given by Hoagland! Now after June 1st when I 1st made him aware of this video & images, on the 2nd he comes out making excuses to 'EVERYONE', thus making it on the record to 'EVERYONE' his 'official position' in this. Where he says he had no idea what this show was, who produced it & how to contact them after all this time, he NOW says a few days later on the 5th Of June, he tells us all that all of a sudden HE HAS DONE A BIT OF RESEARCH REGARDING WHICH SERIES THIS WAS HE WAS INTERVIEWED FOR?

(REALLY? THEN WHAT WAS THAT INFORMATION YOU RESEARCHED ON THAT SERIES? Here is another question, HOW DID YOU KNOW IT WAS A SERIES?? I shown only ONE SHOW! I not mentioned it then at all, that it was part of a series! Also it is obvious Hoagland then was admitting to finding out information on this SERIES, & then also NOT telling us all about it?!)

Doesn't it seem odd that Hoagland seemed to not really want to investigate, & wanted SOMEONE ELSE to do that investigation? Hoagland encouraged OTHERS to investigate, so since I was the one bringing this forth, so I did as he asked! I did the SERIOUS LEGWORK & I even provided the info of the Producers he requested be found, to give him their names, E-mail addresses, & even their phone numbers, to enable him to move & act to investigate. There was nothing at that point stopping him or making further odd excuses. I mean I look at it like this, HE WAS IN A 3RD OF THAT VIDEO! But then I wonder & realize that he must not have done any investigating into this SERIES at all, because if he did, one would think he would start doing so by at least watching the video in question. It was at this point I knew Hoagland was not being forthcoming with his replies. WHY?

Because if he had done the simplistic thing of watching that video, we know he would have seen the producers name at the end of the show.

So being the case Hoagland not noticed this tells me that he not even watched that video! Yet another piece of information (or misinformation) he given us during that reply was that he said SHE IS A PROP? JUST LIKE COMPUTER MONITOR HE USED ON THE SHOW, OR THE CHAIR HE WAS SITTING ON?"

Ummmm What Richard? You were NOT sitting in a chair in that video, nor were you at any computer in that video nor were you sitting! HOWEVER, you were sitting in a chair, & also seen at a computer in ANOTHER OF SELLIER'S videos that you were even saying some of the same lines from UFO Diaries, in this video made in 2001!

You were thinking of ANOTHER video you were on Richard, & NOT UFO Diaries! In Fact Hoagland was in at least 3 different videos by the same producers. Let us see.


Here is a 4 minute clip from another one of Sellier's videos about Mars, that also has Hoagland being used to play a part in it.

There can be no doubt now that Richard Hoagland was indeed seen in all 3 of those videos INCLUDING UFO Diaries! Bits & pieces & even saying the same script lines in some cases, as he did in UFO Diaries. So maybe he was remembering these videos he did with Sellier, but was not giving us an answer truthfully for UFO Diaries regards to the woman. Unless & of course we look at his reply again, to see deeper into this. Let us look again at his comments regards my question about the woman in who she is!

OK, he said she was an actor, playing the role of 'research staff', ... THEY ARE CALLED... RE-CREATIONS! Ahhhhhh! So, this tells us something behind the scenes I think Hoagland was trying to help us look into & see? That if this scene with the woman was a RE-CREATION,... Then does that mean then that there was an OLD CREATION? One which instead of the woman being seen holding that image, we would have seen Hoagland sitting in that chair instead? Because it is later in UFO Diaries in fact when this woman is seen again, but sitting with another woman at a computer.

Odd contemplations but certainly logical for one to ask if there was an OLD CREATION that this scene with the woman is what Hoagland calls a RE-CREATION of something maybe he was filmed being seen in instead of the woman? Using that scene with the woman instead as a RE-CREATION, instead of using the OLD CREATION that had Hoagland in it?

It certainly makes me wonder! But as we can see also from a video listed above, where he is sitting at a computer, but looking much older than he was in UFO Diaries.

(OH I BET HE HAS ALL RIGHT! Regarding the comment being spoken on that particular frame).

Either in his comments he was trying to hint at us all in his reply, to see deeply into his words to glean the truth, or use as clues to get to the truth, or we caught him slipping & admitting he was in more than one video program for Sellier?! Then that would beg one to question Hoagland then on his excuse as having No memory of the producers, especially after all this time from when UFO Diaries was made, & (failed to tell us about the other videos made by same producers) he had no memory of someone that filmed & used so much of him in their productions that he would not remember the producers names or contact infoz?

I personally find that VERY HARD TO BELIEVE! Especially when Hoagland loves seeing himself & speaking about himself, telling everybody of videos he was in, & even SELLS THEM, but never mentions any of Sellier's videos of Mars where Hoagland is used in more than one production? Why has he never mentioned about these videos before? Why does he never speak about UFO Diaries?

Why did he say he not remembers the producers, especially when obviously up till the year 2001 at last knowledge Hoagland was seen in those producers videos? I recorded the Pax TV 2001 show myself. I also was an honorary member at Enterprise Mission also back then at that time. Hoagland never spoke about this video neither than when it was on. Looking back now I can see & connect these things & really wonder!

Notice also.... Mike Vara host of Late Night In the Midlands Radio Show also noted this aspect to Hoagland's answer. Mike said; "If HOAGLAND NOT REMEMBERED THE PRODUCERS NAMES? HOW THEN DOES HE KNOW THAT THERE WAS MORE THAN ONE PRODUCER?"!!!

Great Question Mike! Hoagland slips again??