To understand what this is all about, and to see why this is happening, and why we need your help, please listen to The Martian Revelation Show with Dr. Gil Levin, from May 26th, 2018.

You all must hear for yourselves from him, about the importance of what we are asking you to do, in order to help change & make history and be part of a spirit & opportunity to have your Curiosity get the better of you and help us 'MAKE NASA DO WHAT WE WANT THEM TO DO', and get them to take Dr. Gil Levin's sumbission proposals for Controlled Labelled Release LIFE DETECTION experiments seriously and include them on an upcoming Mars Lander/Rover mission.

We must make NASA know that we wholeheartedly supoort Dr. Gil Levin and also we submit our names as added signers to his mission proposals to answer the question once & for all,.....






Dr. Gil Levin Interview from May 26th 2018:


So after hearing the show with Dr. Gil Levin, you all should have your eyes opened regarding the missions to Mars that has occurred since 1976, which NASA refused to send the important life detection tests, and the fact that Viking Landers both replicated the Life Experiment results which BOTH TESTED POSITIVE FOR LIFE,...NOT SIGNS OF LIFE,... BUT .LIFE!

This should outrage all Americans, as the answer was clearly provided all 42 years ago! Yet as we heard Dr. Gil say himself, NASA ORDERD HIM TO NOT TELL US ALL THAT THE TESTS PROVED POSITIVE FOR LIFE, but was told instead, to state that his experiemnts tested positive for showing signs of life.

It was obvious that the question NASA wanted to use to derail Dr. Gil's success with the tests findings, was more of a statement of opinion actually, that what the tests actually revealed was not a bilogical sign of life, but a chemical impression showing false sign for life. A chemical raction. That NASA was never even able to duplicate here on Earth, let alone say it was shown and proved on Mars as that being the case.

In all the years since, and especially only a couple weeks after the show with Dr. Gil Levin, we now have the NASA press release on June 7th, 2018, that announced that evidence of organics on Mars being found by the Mars Curiosity Rover.

The ONLY thing missing however to determine if Curiosity found evidence of life, was Dr. Gil Levin's controlled & Non-controlled Labelled Release Life Validation Experiments! We could have once again, had the answer for Is There Life On Mars & see also if it replicates the Viking Landers findings.

Dr. Gil levin, is assured it would have!

Click on image for NASA press Release from June 7th, 2018


So here we are 42 years after NASA detected life on Mars, we are now being announced for the first time by their own findings again, that organics is surely on Mars. But the guesses still continue if it can be life. Yet without Dr. Gil Levin's Labeled Release experiments, we once again, get no valuable certain answers. This is not right!

NASA has deliberately denied these experiments being sent aboard any Mars mission since the Viking Landers, and they have had ample time & ability to include them on multiple Mars missions. The point is, NASA not wanted them to be included. NASA it seems not really wants us all to find out the truth, that Mars is indeed still alive! We are not going to speculate upon those reasons why NASA continually denies adding these important life detection experiments. The point is and the fact of the matter is that NASA needs to be corrected in it's behavior to Dr. Gil Levin, & as well as to the American people who paid for these missions,

Instead of sending these important tests, NASA instead wants to take many more years, many more Mars missions & many more billions of dollars to keep looking for the answer that we already have, and then seemingsly only wanting to guess or theorize about what they will find. Yet all NASA has to do, is to include Dr. Gil Levin's life detetction Labelled Release experiments to get the answer.far much sooner than NASA obviously plans to do so. NASA is outright avoiding the facts & the processes of science, and avoiding getting us any truthful validations of what it is they found in 1976, and still to this day!

Like Dr Gil levin said on the Martian Revelation Show, that NASA needs to be made to feel embarassed. To which at that point, we the people can make our demands known, which he said would compell them to include the experiments. I agree with him. So I decided to try to start this "Dr. Gil levin's Martian Revelation Life Validation Campaign." In order to help him to finally get his submitted mission proposals accepted and included on upcoming Mars lander/rover missions, both from NASA & the ESA. Yet this is something that only Dr. Gil & myself cannot force them to do by ourselves. It will take all of you to help in this effort.

So what you can do to help Dr. Gil Levin & us all, is to spread this link around to any and all who would like to show solidarity with us, who wants to demand NASA to take our voices seriously, as we demand they provide these important life detection experiments to upcoming Mars missions without delay.

You can also send this link in an e-mail to NASA themselves, which will show your support to this cause & by you giving NASA your demand also for them to take this seriously once & for all. Spread the link far & wide, via twitter, facebook, etc, as well as also on various media like radio shows, you tube, or your own video news channels. Radio show hosts & networks are also being asked to spread this news to get people to also act upon this campaign. This is a campaign to fight for something we all share in common, wanting answers & wanting the TRUTH!

This is what I call a white flag proposal, as it transcends personal differences, or competitiveness. This is a campaign we all can win if we all embrace this effort and make the impossible possible. We all must MAKE OUR FATE & create our future instead of thinking we are being best led by those you think are trying to do that for all of us. Obviously, they are not! Only You & with your help, we show solidarity to these issues in which we all share and desire to get to the bottom of, and especially for us all to get the truth of it all.



Dr. Gil levin himself recently e-mailed me, & in his own words states what this is about & why we all need to help him to help us all to finally get the truth.


Dear Gary,

Scientists repeatedly say that acceptance of evidence of life on Mars requires meeting a very high barrier.  I believe the Viking LR life detection experiment meets that high barrier.  The evidence for living microorganisms in the topsoil of Mars has been very strong since that experiment was performed in 1976.

In thousands of tests on Earth, the LR never erred in detecting microorganisms of every type available:  in native soils in extreme environments, in imported soils, in pure cultures, in mixed cultures, cultures of algae, bacteria, yeast, aerobes, anaerobes, including clostridia, phototrophs, lichen.  Very importantly, the LR never produced a false positive or false negative.  Further, for more than a century now, the simple test from which it is derived has been, and is, used by municipal departments of public health all around the world to test for microbial contamination of drinking water.  The test is deemed so reliable that its results are accepted with no control.  However, the Viking LR did run controls.  Viking LR tests were positive, and controls, plus extended controls, were negative at both landing sites 4,000 miles apart. 

Original rejection of the LR results was based on presumed lack of organics and liquid water on Mars.  Both have now been found.  In 41 years of many attempts, no non-biological theory or experiment to explain away the Viking LR results has withstood scientific scrutiny, so that now no documented barrier remains to preclude the possibility of microbial life on Mars.

How can NASA defend itself for not pursuing the accepted scientific method and following up on the Viking LR to verify or reject it?  Yet in the intervening 41 years, NASA has refused to include a life detection test in any of its 14 landers it has successfully deposited on Mars.  I have submitted several formal and many informal proposals to send the updated Chiral LR, which all scientists to whom I have spoken agree could separate the living from chemical responses.  All to no avail.  NASA should be made to account for that refusal.  While declining to look for extant life, the agency keeps stating how important the discovery of extraterrestrial life would be.  But NASA will not entertain the fact, or admit, that it has been found.

In addition, as our data on extremophiles and space travel have accumulated, it has become very difficult to imagine that Mars is sterile.  Evidence indicates that it is constantly infected by viable microorganisms, including from Earth, that survive the interplanetary trip and find an environment suitable to sustain even some known species of terrestrial microorganisms.

All that, I believe, meets the barrier.  Or, at least provides solid ground for an objective review.

I very much appreciate the efforts you are generating, Gary, and will do all I can to support it.  I do agree that it is time for a grassroots uprising of the very many interested lay people to change the paradigm.  We are not alone!  And this should now be acknowledged by NASA and the general population.Your help is greatly needed & appreciated.

We are also creating a White House Petition that will neeed 100,000 signatures, that President Trump will see himself, as well as Vice President Mike Pence who is the chairman for the National Space Council. We will be signing a petition to demand that NASA be made to include Dr. Gil Levin's Labelled Release Life Detection Experiments on board the next Mars Rover missions slated for 2020. We will have 30 days to come up with the 100,000 signatures needed to make our fate & change history. (WE EXPECT THE WHITE HOUSE PETITION RELEASE DATE OF JULY 28TH 2018)!

You all can start helping now by contacting the names & e-mail addresses or going to the links below, sending them this link, & also stating your thoughts & opinions of your support for this "Dr. Gil Levin's Martian Revelation Life Validation Campaign, and the fact that they need to recognize the need for it, and we want them all to support it as well!"








President Donald Trump


Buzz Aldrin

Tony Bruno- United Launch Alliance

Wes Bush, CEO of Northrop Grumman

Eileen Collins Astronaut
(202) 358-0001

Steve Crisafulli, Former Speaker of the Florida House of Representatives

Mary Lynne Dittmar, President and CEO of the Coalition for Deep Space Exploration

Tim Ellis Cofounder & CEO at Relativity

Newt Gingrich, Author, former Speaker of the House

Marillyn Hewson, CEO of Lockheed Martin Corporation
Phone: 301-897-6000

Homer Hickam, Author of the book “Rocket Boys” and former NASA Marshall Spaceflight Center engineer

Governor Kay Ivey, Governor of Alabama

Fred Klipsch, Founder and Chairman of Hoosiers for Quality Education WORLDWIDE CORPORATE HEADQUARTERS
P: 317-860-8100 / 800-544-1482

Pam Melroy

Dennis Muilenburg, CEO of the Boeing Company

Fatih Ozmen, CEO of the Sierra Nevada Corporation
(775) 331-0222

Gwynne Shotwell, President and COO of SpaceX

Bob Smith, CEO of Blue Origin

Eric Stallmer, President of the Commercial Spaceflight Federation

Stu Witt, Founder of Mojave Air and Spaceport, former Navy pilot, former Chairman of the Commercial Spaceflight Federation

Pete Worden, Former Air Force General and NASA Ames Center Director